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5.2 Inch PVC Rain Gutters for Roofing Drainage/PVC Rain Gutter System
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PVC5.2 inches of falling water system material is a kind of plastic decorative material. PVC is the abbreviation of PVC material, PVC resin as the main raw material, adding a proper amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, etc., by mixing, calendering, vacuum plastic forming process and other materials.

PVC material has light, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, simple construction and so on. Specifications, colors, patterns, and decorative, is one of the most widely used decorative materials in plastic materials.

PVC5.2 inches fall into water system advantages mainly in the following aspects:

1. light quality, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, acid, alkali, corrosion resistance.

2. stability, good dielectric properties, durability, anti aging, welding and bonding.

3. flexural strength and impact toughness, crack elongation is higher.

4. it can be easily processed by kneading, blending, drawing, cutting, extruding or die casting. It can meet the requirements of various profile specifications.

5. smooth surface, bright color, very decorative, decorative application of a wide range.

6. construction technology is simple, installation is more convenient.

PVC5.2 inches overboard system features

1., product formula: the introduction of high-tech formula, so that the product really super strength, acid, alkaline, anti-aging.

2., raw materials selection: the use of high-quality PVC raw materials, to ensure the toughness and recovery of the whole system.

3., line design: scientific and rational design of human nature, so that the lines beautiful and generous, bright and smooth, and enhance the overall aesthetic effect of the building.

4., structural design: the use of the most advanced double wall structure, in the process of using, reflecting the product more secure, more solid and more durable, bayonet type connection, so that the product installation is simple and reliable.

Section 5: export processing unique, careful processing connection section mouth, enhanced stereo effect gutter system.

6., color treatment: the introduction of foreign advanced color system, so that the color of the product can remain stable for a long time, to meet customer requirements for color, so that customers have better visual perception.

7., the overall performance: special welding agent design to ensure the safety of the system, the use of the entire system is impervious to water, do not fall off.

PVC5.2 inch drop in system installation instructions

1 determine the location of the installation of a gutter downpipe, the funnel is installed in this position. Note the gutter position must be the lowest funnel gutter system.

2 to the lowest gutter funnel, according to the 2/1000 grade (i.e.: each 3M length increased 6mm) elastic line, along the line at 650mm intervals with percussion drill with two fixed holes into the gutter hanger, expansion tube.

3 if you need a room for the gutter turned another roof continues, must ensure that the two roof from the corner two hanger is the nearest is at the same level in the corner installed inside (outside) corner, on the roof on both sides of the corner at 300mm from the installation of a gutter hanger.

4 when the first installation of gutter, eaves gutter hanger insert before and after the clamp grooves (distribution according to each 420mm on a hanger, each gutter has at least 7 gutter hanger with special screws), the hanger is fixed on the gutter embedded expansion tube, tighten the screws, and make it not loose.

5 to ensure that the interface of the gutter can permanently be welded, polished lightly with fine sandpaper to spread the special welding interface of surfactant, and to determine the surface due to grinding residual stains left was completely removed and the surface is completely dry, and then the special welding agent evenly coated on the surface, and then connected, such as this the exudation welding agent should immediately wipe clean, to avoid fouling gutters and accessories surface (the same below). For details of the use of welding agents, please refer to the instructions for the use of special welding agents.

Two the use of 6 fracture gutter gutter sealing plate, and the inner (outer) interface angle with special solder connection, welding methods and steps.

7 installation angle, polished lightly with fine sandpaper to be pasted on the surface of the medial angle coated with solder, the first corner side and the same side of the gutter connected, and the other end is inserted into the corner in the gutter, eaves gutter insertion depth to the angle on the card along the flush is appropriate.

8 will be inserted inside the funnel gutter gutter, temperature scale length of the insert please refer to the moment in the gutter on the inner side of the funnel, the temperature scale is inserted into the gutter gutter funnel is the construction of climate temperature. In order to ensure the natural expansion gutter, eaves gutter and eaves gutter funnel connected to prohibit the use of special welding agent, the other is the position of bonded parts and gutter hanger should keep a distance of 50mm.

9. the water skis should be installed during tile construction and the water skis will be fixed under the tile's starting tiles.

10 leaves will be fixed in the gutter and eaves gutter screen hanger.

11 installation downspouts, every 1m to install a downspout bracket, 75 - downpipe elbow, installed in the gutter funnel note: all the interface of water system without the use of special welding agent.

12 balcony and air conditioning outlet using the downpipe 45 oblique three link.

13 must be cut straight gutters, downspouts, skis.

14 well after installation, you must clean the construction debris in the eaves gutter, so as to avoid clogging.

According to the number of rain pipes:

The amount of rain pipes drainage rain pipes to determine the number of basis depends on the size and the roof.

In the table below, "each rain pipes bear catchment area" means such as the Beijing area, the rainfall intensity is calculated by a return period of 5 years, 1 or 1 2x3 inch rectangular 3 inch round rain pipes can be excreted catchment area of 86 square meters of roof rain water.

Catchment area: rainwater drainage pipe collect rain area, at the level of projection area calculation. The square said.

The recurrence period is the average time interval of a rainstorm which is equal to or greater than a rainstorm intensity by statistical analysis of a certain amount of rainfall observation data. Its units are expressed in years.

The table on the rainfall intensity data values in the "manual" design of building water supply and drainage, the return period is 5 years, according to the "building drainage design specification" (GB50015-2003) in the provisions of article 4.9.22: rain pipes maximum flood discharge

K type rain drop system, in addition to 3 standard colors, but also provides designers specify colors, that is, according to the designer's color requirements to provide color. The rich color makes the falling water product perfectly match the color of the building's eaves, waist line, and exterior walls.